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A volunteer trip in Uganda with Rossana Health Convoy will change you. Change the way you see other cultures. Maybe even change how you live your life. All while you change the lives of girls for the better. Ultimately we’re changing the way volunteering is done, making it a safe, exciting adventure of a lifetime for people of all ages and walks of life.

More than ever, people around the country want change. Change in the inequities that polarize. Change in the corrupt systems that prevent self-determination. Change in the unjust repression of entire populations.

It is exactly these types of changes that Rossana Health Convoy makes possible. The passion that you bring to your volunteer experience will start a ripple effect, bringing change to girls/women and the communities in which they live. Meanwhile, you’ll find wisdom and beauty in a way of life different from your own.

You’ll discover the critical role that every individual plays in achieving lasting change. You’ll see that volunteering can be a safe and exciting adventure—the trip of a lifetime where you can learn about another environment while learning about yourself.

Change in the world begins with you. You’re closer than ever to making an incredible difference.

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